Thursday, April 7, 2011

Treating Stroke with Medicinal Plants

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An unhealthy lifestyle and unbalanced, high cholesterol, blood sugar increases, and high blood pressure can spur the emergence of a stroke. Strokes result from blockage of blood vessels and the blockage and rupture of brain arteries. When a brain artery blockage and rupture the brain tissue to be deprived of oxygen so that the nerves will be disrupted vital functions. In addition, it can cause great damage to the part of the brain that ultimately lead to stroke.

Early symptoms of stroke characterized by headache, dizziness, drowsiness, and mental confusion. Minor stroke is marked by chaos speech, thought, movement sensation, and vision. Symptoms that one with the other symptoms that often in combination, either mild or severe symptoms, such as oblique, twin vision, a sense of spinning, dizzy vision, a sense of numbness or tingling in face or half face, and was paralyzed on one side of the body. This is a mild symptom that can last only a few seconds to several minutes or longer. Usually, these symptoms will disappear by itself.

Symptoms of severe stroke that can make patients look very dreadful appearance until the patient fell and lay like fast asleep, face flushed, breathing up and down, pulse beats slow, one leg weakness, disability or totally paralyzed, and unable to communicate. In fact, the muscles stiffen up the whole body becomes stiff. This is a symptom of a defect remaining. If it is severe then death can occur in patients with stroke.

First aid in stroke patients by providing medicine herbs that work to break the blood clots, prevent blood clotting, blood circulation, repairing damaged tissue, reduce blood pressure, and increase stamina. Thus, recurrent stroke can be avoided.

Herb that can be used in the treatment of stroke consists of 4 species of medicinal plants, namely: daun dewa, gotu kola (Centella asiatica), bitter (sambiloto), and sambung nyawa.
Treatment of stroke using a plant daun dewa (Gynura segetum (Lour) Merr.)
Blend 20 grams of tuber daun dewa, then add 100 ml (½ cup) warm water. Strain and drink 1 time a day every evening. It can also be a way to eat 3 pieces of fresh leaves 3 times daily.
Consuming leaves or tubers of daun dewa a lot to help heal stroke. This is due to the nature of plants that can remove blood clots in blood vessels, preventing and treating strokes and heart attacks.
Treatment of stroke with Centella asiatica plant material (Centella asiatica (L.) Urban)
Boil 20 grams of roots and leaves of Centella asiatica with 3 cups water in pot soil. Let boil and the remaining half of the cooking water. The water is filtered and then taken 3 times a day @ ½ cup. Try to drink potions empty stomach before meals.
Stroke is brain damage that occurs because the brain can no blood flowed for a while. By taking gotu kola (Centella asiatica), brain damage can be repaired. For Centella asiatica contains tonic, revitalization or repair damaged tissue and brain are tired, and also the revitalization of blood vessels.
Treatment of stroke using bitter/sambiloto plant (Androgaphis paniculata (Burm, f.) Ness)
Boil 1 handful of leaves and stems dry sambiloto (15-25 grams) with 3 cups water in pot soil. Let boil until the remaining 1 ½ cups. Once cool, strain the cooking water and drink 3 times a day @ ½ cup. Drink 1 hour before meals or when the stomach is empty. Make eat this concoction until healed.
One cause of stroke is high blood pressure. By eating regularly stew bitter, blood pressure will drop to normal limits, thus increasing the risk of severe disease can be avoided. However, for pregnant women are prohibited from taking this herb as it can abort the womb.
Treatment of stroke with sambung nyawa plant (Gynura procumbens Back.)
Eating fresh leaf sambung nyawa much as 2-3 pieces every day or fresh leaf juice and drink. Do it 3 times a day until healed.
Sambung nyawa are usually consumed to lower blood cholesterol, particularly for patients with coronary heart disease and stroke caused by high blood cholesterol levels.
Therefore, various causes of stroke, use of drugs should be combined to get the maximum results, for example:

Remedy 1
a) Provide 10 grams of dried bitter + 15 grams gotu kola.
b) Rinse dried and put in pot soil.
c) Add 3 cups water and simmer until the remaining half (1 ½ cups).
d) Strain the cooking water.
e) Drink boiled water 3 times a day @ ½ cup until cured.
Remedy 2
a) Juice 3 pieces the leaf daun dewa and 3 leaves fresh sambung nyawa.
b) Drink the juice 3 times a day.
c) At one time drinking juice, add 20 grams fresh tuber daun dewa.