Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Handling of Burn Injuries by Herbal Recipes

Healing process is determined by the accuracy in the handling, giving the right ingredients, and proper follow-up care. In the first treatment must know the sequence of treatment steps so that the healing goes smoothly and perfectly. In addition, the helper must have knowledge about medicinal herbs so that patients can be given the right ingredients. Giving the right potion will greatly help in healing. not until the patient is given the potion that is not appropriate because it may cause more severe condition.

Scald is caused by heat from fire, heat cooking oil, hot water, or hot metal causing blisters on the skin, watery, or burns. First treatment given to this accident, including the following:
  • Give the victim cool atmosphere.
  • Keep the victim from the scene.
  • Chill the wound with a fan.
  • Clean the wound to avoid infection.
  • Protect the wound from impact or touched by other objects.
  • Give the right medicine herbs.
Prescription medications used for treatment of burns consisted of 3 types with the use of raw materials such as medicinal herbs, which are: aloe vera, centella asiatica, and mutiara grass.

Recipe 1.
Ingredients: Aloe vera (Aloe vera Linn)
How to use 1:
a) Cut the base of the leaves of aloe vera.
b) Leave to exit the mucus.
c) Apply aloe vera mucus in place of the sick until evenly as often as possible.
How to use 2:
a) Mash smooth aloe vera leaves to taste, about to close the burns evenly.
b) Collision and apply aloe vera on the affected part.
c) Dressing with a clean cloth bandages for wounds not broken and not rubbing against other objects.
d) Replace with new ingredients if dressing is dry and dirty.
e) Do until healed.

The reaction after the use of prescription 1, the wound was very cold and the swelling is reduced because the aloe vera has a cold nature and efficacious anti-inflammatory. In most cases, the use of aloe vera on the wound to remove stains or spots that left scars.

Recipe 2
Material: Centella asiatica (Centella asiatica (L.) Urban)
How to use:
a) Mash Centella asiatica fresh smooth taste, about to close the burns evenly.
b) Smeared ingredient to the affected part.
c) Replace with new ingredients if it is dry.

Centella asiatica is cool, while the efficacy of anti-infectious, antitoxin, fever, tonic, revitalizing the body, and revitalize the blood vessels. Centella asiatica will stimulate the growth of nails and hair, strengthen connective tissue by increasing the number of blood vessels and strengthen its network, and improving the supporting tissue of the skin (to improve skin layer).

Recipe 3
Ingredients: Mutiara grass (Hedyotis corymbosa (L.) Lamk.)
How to use:
a) Boil fresh mutiara grass to taste 30-60 gram with 6 cups of water.
b) Allow it to boil and water to live half-section (3 cups).
c) Wash or compress the body of the sick with herbs cooking water.

Mutiara grass has a sweet taste, slightly bitter, soft, neutral, and cool slightly. While the efficacy of its anti-inflammatory, diuretic, and the antitoxin so that the reaction after using this herb, heat and toxic blood circulation is lost and active again.

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