Monday, December 13, 2010

Yaws or Frambusia

Yaws, including infectious diseases that become public health problems associated with poor environmental sanitation, lack of awareness of personal hygiene, lack of clean water facilities, a densely populated environment and lack of adequate public health facilities.

The disease is caused by bacteria Trypanosoma. The signs of the disease is the appearance of primary lesions in the skin of warts on the face and limbs, especially legs. These lesions are not painful and lasted for weeks and even months. The lesions then spread to form lesions that typically occur in the form of fruit frambus and ulcers (open sores). After quite mature, a pimple will be broke and out pus. Yaws is dry will cause the crust and made an impression on the skin.

Yaws may be treated by using herbal ingredients such as the following ways:
Method 1
Prepare ¼ handheld of katuk leaf that has been washed clean and grind until smooth. Add ¼ cup cooking water and a little salt, then stir until it merata. Then squeeze and strain. Drink the juice and pulp rubbed into the body-rub that was attacked raspberries.Perform 2 times daily until cured.
Method 2
Wash out the roots of kale and 20 grams of salt to taste. Boil with 1 liter of water (1000 ml) to boiling. Drink while still warm 2 times a day.
Method 3
Prepare a wood urip 10 grams, 10 grams of seven golden candlestik leaves, 25 grams of fresh galangal (ginger red type), and 10 grams of rice husk. Grated galangal, rice husks were burned to ashes, wood leaf urip and seven golden candlestik leaves pounded until creamed. After that, all ingredients with 1 quart of water boiled. Cooking water used to soak the affected part. Do 2 times, namely in the morning and evening regularly. If you want repeated, create a new potion again.
Note: restrictions apply to patients is salted fish, spicy foods, shrimp, and fruits which taste sharp, like durian, pineapple, and jackfruit.