Thursday, December 23, 2010

Benefits of spinach in overcoming anemia.

Anemia is a state of deficiency of red blood cells or an interruptionin terms of its ability to transport oxygen. Symptoms of anemia are easily recognizable is the body feels weak and tired. Sometimes members of the body experience tingling and heart palpitations.

The cause of this disease include bleeding due to accident, childbirth, or sores on the inside of the body. Lack of red blood cell production caused by the body's iron deficiency. As a result of various other diseases, such as bone cancer, and various infections.

Severe anemia can not be cured by consuming nutritious foods, especially those that contain a lot of iron. In severe anemia, blood transfusion should be done.

One food that can cure this disease is spinach. The content of iron (Fe) and high folic acid in spinach is very closely connected with the production of blood in the body, which can prevent blood deficiency or anemia. Spinach, besides containing folic acid, also contains oxalic acid. Both substances are very important to treat fatigue, lethargy, less vibrant, as a result of anemia.

During his recuperation, patients are encouraged to eat spinach in the form of cuisine, such as spinach. But that must be considered is the way of processing. If we are wrong in the processing, the content of the substances contained in spinach is not useful anymore, it can even cause toxic for our bodies.

There are a few things to know in processing spinach.
Reaction of iron with aluminum can cause poison. Therefore, avoid using aluminum as a medium for cooking.
Iron is too long to interact with the air will turn into poison.Therefore, do not consume spinach vegetables that cooked has been long. In addition, the content on other this plants that needs tobe considered is Nitrate. As with the earlier iron, nitrate substances are going to reduce the air that would make the nitrate to nitrite. Nitrite is toxic in the body. This nitrite will inhibit hemoglobin in the flow of oxygen in the blood.
Do not consume spinach is warmed again. This is to prevent the number of out of oxalic acid in spinach. Oxalic acid in spinach can reduce the absorption of iron and calcium. The presence of oxalic acid causes the iron can be absorbed only about 53%, while calcium can be absorbed only about 5%. The more that comes out of oxalic acid will be fewer and fewer levels of substances that are beneficial to the spinach that can be absorbed
Traditional herb used to treat anemia spinach leaves are as follows:
Provide 2 handfuls spinach leaves, 1 egg chicken (which is used is the yolk only), 1 tablespoon lemon juice, and 1 tablespoon of honey. Wash spinach leaves thoroughly, then mash until smooth. Add lime juice, then squeezed and filtered. Mix the juice is spinach with chicken egg yolk and honey. Stir until evenly distributed and mixed well. Drink the potion 2 times a day until healed.

While herbs and other herbal plants to overcome this anemia can be found in Herbal ingredients to overcome anemia and Spinach is a potent.