Friday, April 8, 2011

Overcoming Excessive Menstrual Use of Medicinal Plants.

Excessive menstrual disease is regular menstrual cycles, but the blood that comes out too much. In addition, accompanied by extravasation of blood clots as a polyp in the uterine mucous membrane, blood disorders, or psychological.

Treatment can be done with medicinal plants are also write your anti-hemostatic or stop bleeding and vitamin K. Medicinal plants include andong, baru cina and white weed.

Treatment of excessive menstrual using andong plant (Cordyline fruticosa (Linn.) A. Cheval.)
Boil dry leaves 15-30 grams or dried flowers 9-15 grams with 3 cups water in pot soil. Let boil until the remaining 1.5 cups. Chill the cooking water, then filtered and drink 3 times a day @ ½ cup before eating. Do treatment until healed.
Excessive Menstruation will be reduced after consuming boiled water this plant, because this plant has anti-bleeding properties.

Treatment using baru cina plant (Artemisia vulgaris L.)
Take 25-30 grams of roots, stems, leaves and flowers that are dried, then boiled in 3 cups water to boiling in a pot soil. Allow the remaining 1 ½ cups. Once cool, filtered boiled water and drink 3 times a day @ ½ cup. Do treatment until healed.
The content and nature of this plant is effective to relieve menstrual bleeding, as an anti-hemostatic, and also regulating the menstrual cycle.

Treatment using white weed plant (Ageratum conyzoides L.)
Take 25-30 grams of stems, leaves and flowers dry white weed. Boil 3 cups water in pot soil until the remaining half (½ cup). Once cool, strain the cooking water and then drink 3 times a day @ ½ cup an hour before meals. Do treatment until healed.
White weed is a plant that are easy to find and use. This plant is used as an alternative treatment for menstrual disorders, because the plant is efficacious anti-hemostatic and undid menstruation.