Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Treating Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis) with Medicinal Plants

Inflammation of the lining of the eye occurs because the eye membrane lining the eyelids and part of the eyeball so that the eyes become pink. Inflammation is caused by viruses, bacteria, or allergic to dust, light, smoke, and so forth. If the result of bacteria, the eye produces greenish yellow viscous liquid at night so hard to open my eyes in the morning. The reason, the dirt becomes stiff and upper eyelids stick with the lower eyelid.

Pink eye (conjunctivitis) from a virus usually produces a clear fluid and will heal within a few days. Conjunctivitis is not to interfere with vision. However, if allowed to drag on, the disease can cause complications in the cornea of ​​the eye and transmitted to others.

Pink eye can also be caused by foreign objects entering the eye. If the incoming sharps will be very dangerous because it will damage the cornea. Therefore, these diseases need to be dealt with promptly and appropriately.

Treatment was first done of giving anti septic herb plants for washing eyes that are safe, anti-inflammatory, and compress the eye on the closed eyelids. If red eye due to allergies, a cold compress using a clean water.

Prescription medications pink eye can use the White man's foot and the Butterfly pea.

Recipe 1
Ingredients: White man's foot (Plantago major. L)
How to use:
a) take one crop of white man's foot
b) wash plant.
c) plants with a glass of boiled water to boil in pot soil.
d) leave it to the water remaining 1 / 3 part.
e) strain, and cool in the cooking water.
f) dropped into the cooking water to the eyes as often as possible.
White man's foot plant has anti-inflammatory properties and improve vision that will overcome the problems of the eyes, including pink eye.

Recipe 2
Ingredients: Butterfly pea (Clitoria ternatea L.)
How to use:
a) take 3-5 flowers of butterfly pea plants, then wash.
b) flowers are brewed with hot water ¼ cup.
c) Allow the water steeping until colored purple.
d) Put the water into the eye if it is cold.
These vines have anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, when using it will feel a bit painful on the eyes, but gradually diminished and disappeared. Part of the eye was inflamed and red gradually decreased and returned to its original color in a few times of usage.