Sunday, January 23, 2011

Treating canker sores with aloe vera

Canker sores (aphthous stomatitis) is a disorder that often occurs in every person, although not too bad but this condition can often interfere with the activities of the people of the disorder sufferers to chew, swallow, or talk. In some people this canker sores often occur repeatedly with a large wound and very disturbing because it feels pain.

Sprue synonymous with lack of vitamin C. However, Stomatitis Aphtous not just caused by lack of Vitamin C, on the contrary can be caused by allergies citrus or acidic food allergies, weak immune conditions, certain drugs, physical trauma, etc.. Lack of vitamin C that is a failure that resulted in the synthesis of collagen tissue in the oral cavity and the connective tissue between the gums and teeth tear that eventually led to canker sores.

Many studies show that psychological factors (such as emotions and stress) is an important cause of canker sores. Another condition is a deficiency of vitamin B, as well as iron, bite wounds on the lips or tongue due to irregular tooth arrangement; injury because brushing too hard toothbrush or hair that has been expanded, the allergy to a food (such as peppers and pineapple), disruption hormonal (such as before or after menstruation), decreased immune system (after a prolonged illness or stress), and the presence of infection by microorganisms.

Currently, many drugs in circulation are promoted as a prevention or cure thrush quickly, while aware that drugs are sold at a price that is relatively expensive, especially for those on low.

Actually there is traditional medicine which is easily available and cheap, and can be used to treat thrush. Traditional medicine re-elected as a popular medicine to cure various diseases because in addition to an affordable price, without the side effects are also quite promising properties. One of these herbs is aloe vera.

It was long ago, people are familiar with aloe vera as a medicine to cure various diseases, ranging from medicine to the skin, hair fertilizer, and laxatives, but the use of aloe vera as a medicine to cure canker sores, there are still many people who do not already know.

Aloe vera, said to have originated from the islands west of Africa, it is revealed from the record "Ebers Papyrus" or the "Egyption Book of Remidies" in the book is told that at the time of Cleopatra, aloe vera raw materials used for cosmetics and skin moisturizers.

Aloe vera is a plant that all parts of this plant is useful, midrib aloe vera can be grouped into 3 parts which can be used for treatment, among other things: The leaves, whole leaves can be used either directly or in extract form, then exudate, is the sap coming out of in the time of cutting, this form of viscous exudate is yellow, and tastes bitter. Then the gel, is a slimy part obtained by slicing the inside of the leaf.

Inside aloe vera gel is believed to contain various active substances and enzymes that are useful to cure various diseases. Because the content of active substances and enzymes is the nature of this gel is very sensitive to temperature, air and light, and very easily oxidized gel will easily change color to yellow to brown. Therefore, now many of the stocks in the form of aloe vera gel that has been stabilized 100% so there is no change in both color and usefulness.

Content of active ingredient of aloe vera that has been identified are: lignin, saponin, anthraquinone, acemannan, enzymes and karboksipeptidase bradykinase, glukomannan and mukopolysakarida, tannin and aloctin A, salicylic, amino acids, folic acid, vitamin A, Bl, B2, B6, B12, C and E.

Aloe vera has a role in accelerating the healing process aphthous stomatitis is because the aloe vera contains many substances that are needed in the healing process such as enzyme bradykinase aphthous stomatitis and karboxypeptidase as anti-inflammatory, and contain vitamin Bl, B2, B6, C, minerals, amino acids , folic acid, and other substances that are important in the healing process aphthous stomatitis lesions.

How to use it are as follows:
Provide 30 Gram leaf aloe vera that has been peeled, then juiced. Add honey to taste and drink. To cope with refractory sprue mainly by hormonal disorders, we encourage you to consult a doctor.

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