Friday, December 17, 2010

Prevent hair loss naturally

You'll want to have beautiful hair and fertile, no matter whether you are female or male. With beautiful hair, will surely add a sense of trust your selves. Especially if you are female, because hair is acrown for you. Right? Once the importance of hair as part of your appearance, until you dare to pay the price for your hair treatment. Well, what if you are experiencing hair loss? Wow ..! sure you feel very worried. Because hair loss if left unchecked will lead to baldness.

According to health experts, there are some hair loss that can still be tolerated. If the hair loss in one day to about 50 strands, it is stillin reasonable threshold. But if you continue to fall and more and more until it is possible appearance of baldness. It should be anticipated, even should be addressed immediately.

Before we discuss the problem of hair loss treatment, it helps usknow in advance the causes of hair loss. In general, hair loss is caused by two factors: hereditary factors (heredity) and acquired factors. Loss due to hereditary factors is not much to do but prevent the loss does not take place quickly. While the factors obtained, such as dandruff, unhealthy lifestyle can also cause hair loss, several types of diseases also affect the fertility of hair, and life styleusing hair styling products that are not safe can also cause problems in the hair.

Eat nutritious foods that contain mainly protein and iron, and thenuse the right shampoo as needed and not to overuse hair heater, itis highly recommended to overcome the problem of hair loss. Hair loss can also be avoided by routinely using a hair tonic containing ginseng after shampooing.

Here are some tips you can do to reduce the occurrence of hair loss:
Eat nutritious foods, especially a lot of protein and iron. Protein isessential for the growth of organs including the hair. The mainsource of protein derived from fish, eggs, nuts, yogurt, soy andothers.
Avoid stress because stress will disrupt the body's metabolism thatimpact to the hair as well.
Diligent exercise. Get regular exercise will facilitate the circulation of blood including blood circulation in the scalp which will nourish the hair. In addition to diligent exercise, adequate rest so that your hair growth is more optimal.
Stop smoking, reduce caffeine consumption. Both these substances are not good for your hair.
Avoid using too hot water when shampooing and also avoid using the hair dryer too often. Dry your hair with a towel and airing only in the open air.
Choose to use a good herbal shampoo, do not use a shampoo made of chemicals that are not clear.
Your hair comb your hair gently while still in a state of somewhat wet.
Reduce the use of hair gel, cream, hair oil, hair dye and hair spray. Use products made from natural ingredients.
Avoid the habit of pulling hair pulled with no apparent reason.
Traditional herbal medicinal herb you can use to treat your hair loss. Please you choose one of several ways:
  1. Water settling for a night of strong tea. Use the next day to moisten the scalp while a massage evenly and let stand a few moments, then rinse. Do regularly 3 times a week.
  2. Take hazelnut taste, then rinse, then pounded until smooth hazelnut. Add enough water, then boil until the oil out. Spread hazelnut oil on the scalp until evenly distributed. After a bit dry, do regularly 2 times a week.
  3. 1 piece of lemon water taken, apply lime juice on the scalp untilevenly distributed. After a bit dry, apply a chicken egg yolks also on the scalp until evenly distributed. Head wrapped in a towel duringthe night. The next day, washed until clean.
  4. Soak cayenne to taste with 75% alcohol for 14 days, the water wassmeared on the scalp. Perform regular 2 times a day.
  5. Celery stalks its taste, washed, and then puree. Apply to the scalpwith a massage. Do it every day.
  6. Peel the leaves of aloe vera. Rub in the head until evenly and leave for several hours, then rinse thoroughly. Do regularly 3 times a week.
  7. Prepare 10 pieces of fresh young leaves of hibiscus, a handful of leaves urang-aring, 5 pieces of mangkokan leaf, 1 sheet of pandanus leaf,10 jasmine flowers, and a rosebud. After the prepared wash out of fabric, cut into pieces, put them in a pan, add ½ cup coconut oil and ½ cup sesame oil, then heat until boiling. Once cool, strain. Apply on the scalp as she massaged. Do it at night beforebed and next morning washed hair. Do it 2-3 times a week.